off là gì

It was worked off and on between 1866 and 1958.

It went off with a 32 or 33 share which in those days was virtually break-even, but it always won its time period.

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The university built sand volleyball courts at the south kết thúc of the park in 1991, which mix off demonstrations.

This time, the band signed off on us using the track.

By turning off unnecessary functionality, there are fewer security risks.

It might have been served up đồ sộ appear as a bit of a goof-off.

She's a lovely, smart, amazing person who will tự a goof-off at a whim.

He became a successful illustrator, so sánh why did he take up what he calls the "goof-off profession" of writing?

Is shown đồ sộ be a prankster and a goof-off and a bit of a ladies man.

He was in "goof-off" mode as the clock ran down on his senior year in high school and his father suggested he apply for a place in a military academy.

An orangutan will break off a tree branch that is about a foot long, snap off the twigs and fray one kết thúc.

Many of the knights are missing the lower part of their legs, noses and arms, presumably because they were the easiest parts đồ sộ break off.

As limbs with cankers die or break off due đồ sộ the stress of holding fruit, economic losses add.

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However, the rattle is fragile and may break off, and the frequency of shedding can vary.

Thus, a third order process is defined, whereby upward buoyant forces cause this ice foot đồ sộ break off and emerge at the surface.

It swoops silently from the sky đồ sộ pick up and carry off its victims.

Have you gathered your hordes đồ sộ loot, đồ sộ carry off silver and gold, đồ sộ take away livestock and goods and đồ sộ seize much plunder?

And even if a white knight gallops in đồ sộ carry off the library, the investors and creditors will take a loss.

They serve no function, unlike gargoyles which carry off water.

When the river is in flood stage, its silted delta outlets are unable đồ sộ carry off the high volume of water.

Now take scissors and chop off the wires.

If they step out of the campus, we will chop off their legs.

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Do you think it would be fair đồ sộ chop off such an important incident from the movie?

Another man had a lucky escape when someone attempted đồ sộ chop off his hand.

They are scared because even when he was happy he would be rude and could chop off their heads.